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Literature Archive

Welcome to the Literature Archive. This page provides you with the ability to view or download information about previous generation Bally Refrigeration products.
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Service Parts

Obsolete Product Service Parts List B00-PROD-SPL


BLP - Low Profile Unit Coolers, Generation "A"B30-BLP-PDI-6
BTW - Two-Way Evaporators B30-BTW-PDI
SmartVap - Electronically Controlled System Instructions1079817
BABF - Low Profile Unit CoolersB30-BABF-PDI-16
BB - Medium Profile Unit CoolersAir:B30-BB-PDI-14
Hot Gas:B30-BBHG-PDI-13
BC - Air, Electric, and Hot Gas Defrost Blast CoolersB30-BC-PDI-11
BJBF - Electric, and Hot Gas Defrost Blast Freezers B30-BJBF-PDI-12

Condensing Units

BEH - Hermetic Condensing Units, Generation “A” 60Hz:B40-BEH-PDS-60
BES - Semi-Hermetic Condensing Units, Generation “A” 60Hz: B40-BES-PDS-60
BEZ - Scroll Condensing Units, Generation “A” 60Hz: B40-BEZ-PDS-60
RP - Indoor/Outdoor Air-Cooled Semi-Hermetic B40-RP-PDS
RPH - Indoor/Outdoor Air-Cooled Hermetic B40-RPH-PDS
RPZ - Indoor/Outdoor Air-Cooled Scroll B40-RPZ-PDS
RPS - Indoor/Outdoor Air-Cooled Semi-Hermetic B40-RPS-PDS
BE - Semi-Hermetic Condensing Units 60Hz: B40-BE-PDS-60
50Hz: B40-BE-PDS-50


BVC - Generation “C” – Direct Drive Air-Cooled – Vertical AirB50-BVC-PDI-10
BCH - Direct Drive Air-Cooled – Horizontal AirB50-BCH-PDI-10

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