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Five easy steps to assemble a Bally Walk-In

Bally Walk-In Assembly Diagram
  1. Position floor panels. Use Speed-Loks to connect the panels. A level building floor is necessary.

  2. Start assembling walls by joining a wall panel to a corner panel. Lock both panels to the floor. Each vertical panel contains at least four Speed-Loks. Because locks are actuated from the inside, Walk-Ins can be installed close to existing walls.

  3. Finish assembling walls by locking together remaining vertical panels. Install the fourth corner panel last.

  4. Begin assembling the ceiling by locking the end ceiling to the side walls.

  5. Complete the ceiling assembly by locking the remaining ceiling panels together and, in turn, to side walls.

Bally's Speed-Lok Diaphragmatic Joining System is Strong and Versatile

Bolstered by a steel strap foamed into the panels, Bally structures are strong and easy to use. The Speed-Lok’s simplicity allows a structure to be assembled in a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction; lowering installation costs. The Speed-Lok also aids in the ability to expand, disassemble, or relocate a Bally structure with ease.

The Bally Speed-Lok, consisting of only two simple assemblies, is operated by a single tool: a hex wrench.

  1. The Locking Pin is a steel rod precisely positioned so that the locking arm engages it tightly.
  2. The Locking Arm is cam-mounted with a hooked end. When a hex wrench is used to turn the arm, the movement of the cam first enables the hook to engage the pin and then draws the panels tightly together.

Bally Speed-Lok

Bally Walk-In Cooler and Freezer Maintenance
To provide safety, obtain optimum performance, and extend the life of this product, we recommend these procedures:

  1. Inspect the condition of abrasive anti-skid strips monthly. Replace or add additional strips when necessary.

  2. Keep all walkway surfaces clean and free of spilled liquids and food particles.

  3. Inspect refrigeration equipment frequently for proper function of evaporators, drain pan heaters, defrost controls and drain line heaters.

  4. Condensate water must never be permitted to drip on the Walk-In floor. Refer to the Refrigeration System Instructions for proper condensate drain line instructions.

  5. If entry doors are to be held open for periods longer than 5 minutes, a vinyl strip curtain should be used.

  6. Frost or condensate appearing around the door jamb may indicate that the electric heater is inoperable.

  7. All metal surfaces and magnetic door gasketing should be cleaned frequently with a mild detergent and hot water. Remove all soap film and thoroughly dry with a clean cloth. Washing down equipment with a high pressure hose voids the warranty.

  8. Digital and Electronic Alarms must be protected from moisture, or warranty is null and void.

Promptly call a Bally dealer or a qualified service person to correct any abnormal operation of the Walk-In or Refrigeration System.

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