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Bally Walk-In Floor Design

Bally Walk-In Floor Design Considerations
Bally's standard floor panel, whether 16 ga. galvanized steel or 16 ga. stainless steel, will support a stationary product load of 600psf (pounds per square foot).

It is critical to understand the difference between stationary loading and a rolling load.

An example of stationary loading would be product setting on a non-mobile shelf. Rolling loads would be product stored on a shelf where the customer is actually moving the product in and out of the Walk-In via the rolling shelf . The actual load distribution surface on a typical roller is about 1 - 2 sq. in. You can easily see how the 600psf is exceeded.

(600psf divided by 144 sq. in = 4.167psi)

This type of rolling load, over time, will actually stretch and delaminate the metal skin from the urethane foam. Listed below are some suggestions for these and other types of floor applications. If you are not certain of your particular design requirement, please contact the factory for assistance.

A.Stationary Loading up to 600psf:
 Standard Bally Floor Panels.
B.Light Weight Rolling Loads (Up to 200 lbs.):
 Standard Bally Floor Panels (except aluminum) with 5/8" plywood or OSB board underlayment.
C.Heavy Rolling Loads (Over 200 lbs.):
 Thick set quarry tile or 3/16" tread plate over the Bally Panel surface.
D.Pallet Jack Use (Up to 1500 lbs.):
  1/8" tread plate with reinforced Bally Floor Panels (Consult Factory for specific requirements).
E. Fork Lift:
 4" - 6" concrete.

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