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Solving Icing Issues in Walk-In Freezers

There are normally two types of ice conditions found in a freezer. Each is caused by a distinctively different problem and both can be traced back to their source. The first is frost or a snow-like formation. The second is a hard ice, similar to sheet ice or a frozen water droplet.

Frost or Snow Ice  Hard Ice

Frost or Snow ice is caused by allowing air infiltration into the Walk-In. This is normally traced back to the Walk-In door which is not closing or sealing properly.

A simple gasket, frame heater, or hinge replacement should help to solve the problem. If doors are being left open for extended periods of time while loading & unloading, a strip curtain should be installed to cut down on the infiltration.

Hard ice, in most cases can be traced to a problem with the evaporator coil. Common causes are excessive defrost cycles, improper time settings on the defrost clock, or faulty fan and defrost termination thermostats. Any or all of these can result in the steaming of defrost water onto the ceiling. Through repetitive freeze/thaw cycles, this ice ultimately finds its way onto the product and floor. 

Proper drain line piping practices, including a "P" trap on the outside of the Walk-In and the use of proper materials such as steel or copper, are essential. Never use P.V.C. in a freezer. Drain pan & drain line heaters must also be functioning to guarantee water is exiting during defrost.

Remember to determine the type of ice first. Once properly identified,
location and ultimate correction of the problem should be rather simple.

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