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Bally Model & Serial Number Identification
Bally maintains a history file on all Walk-Ins it sends to the field. These files date back into the 1960's. This information will need to be provided to Bally anytime you require assistance relating to a specific installation. The location of the ID Tag is on the inside door-frame, next to the vapor-proof light fixture. With these numbers, we can accurately identify your particular Walk-In.

1. Bally Serial Number Information

A Bally Serial number identifies the year the Bally Walk-In was manufactured. This information is useful in determining correct model parts, as many parts have evolved in design over the years. The Serial number is required to determine warranty coverage. If you ever need assistance, your Serial number allows the Bally Representative to quickly find information. Serial numbers also help you quickly identify a correct part out of our Parts Manual.
Serial #'s 30000 to 90000 Manufactured: prior to 1970 
Letters A - R Manufactured: 1970 - 1984
DX 84 - 90 Manufactured: 1984 - 1990
100000 - 1200000 Manufactured: 1991 - present

2. Bally Model Number Information

A Bally Model number identifies the size and model information related to doors and refrigeration systems. If you ever need assistance, your Model number allows the Bally Representative to quickly find information.
Hinged Door Model Numbers
Manual Slide Door Model Numbers
Electric Sliding Doors

3. Refrigeration Model Numbers

Bally has made several design changes in their refrigeration systems, and each one carries its own unique Model number.
Evaporator Coils
Condensing Units

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