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New from Bally
Ever since we introduced the first commercially used urethane- insulated panel in 1962, Bally has been a leader in innovation. Currently, focus is on energy savings and we've got some great products that do just that. Read More >>
The Bally Smartspeed® Evaporator

The Bally Smartspeed® Evaporator offers increased energy savings; around forty percent on evaporators, and ten percent on compressors. Read More >>
Bally Smart Speed Evaporator

Bally BQ Quiet Condensing Units

The BQ Line of Quiet condensing units are ~15 dBA Lower than Conventional Style Condensing Units running at full speed (70°F). They offer compact design and energy savings through speed reduction with standard EC motors. Read More >>
Bally BQZ Quiet Condensing Unit

Bally SmartVap ECS

Bally has simplified the concept of electronic controls. The SmartVap ECS is located in the evaporator, and controls box temperature and all aspects of the electric defrost. It is available in all electric defrost single phase evaporators, up to 25 amp max over current protections. Read More >>

Bally Smart Vap II
Bally Refrigeration Design Tools is a suite of software applications created to help refrigeration professionals make accurate calculations, access product information, choose components and print technical drawings. Read More >>
With Bally products used in hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide we've created a following of satisfied customers. Our superior service and commitment to quality has also generated media attention. Read More >>
Bally was featured in the June 2012 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Facility Design project of the month. We supplied five Walk-In Coolers, to support the 30,000-square foot dining facility at Penn State University's Pollock Hall. Read More >>

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