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Indoor Coaxial Water-Cooled Condensing Units

Designed for Indoor applications.

  • ½ HP to 5 HP.
  • High, Medium, and Low Temperatures.
  • R404A, R22, R507.
Standard Features:
  • Weatherproof electrical control box with compressor contactor and fused control circuit.
  • Pre-formed piping.
  • Coaxial condenser.
  • Receiver with fusible plug and liquid shut off valve.
  • Adjustable dual high / low pressure control.
  • Each Unit leak tested with Helium leak-detectors.
  • Units are shipped with Helium holding charge.
  • Welded compressor (Hermetic).
  • Base valve on suction line (Hermetic).
  • Copper tubing secured with cushion clamps (Hermetic).
  • Solid mounted accessible compressor (Semi-hermetic).
  • Suction service valve (Semi-hermetic.)
  • Copper tubing secured with cushion clamps (Semi-hermetic).
  • Suction accumulator.
  • Suction accumulator with boil-out coil.
  • Sealed liquid line filter drier and sight glass.
  • Liquid line solenoid valve with 230 V coil (shipped loose).
  • Electric defrost kit with electronic or mechanical time clock and contactors, as required.
  • Lockout control circuit (for liquid solenoid valve) with separate HP and LP controls.
  • Pump down toggle switch.
  • Compressor circuit breaker.
  • Water reg valve (shipped loose).
  • Disconnect switch (fused or non-fused).
  • Compressor time delay relay.
  • Electronic voltage/phase monitor.
  • Sealed suction filter (Hermetic).
  • Compressor circuit breaker (Hermetic).
  • Discharge line check valve (Semi-hermetic).
  • Oil separator (Semi-hermetic).
  • Oil separator c/w oil return filter & solenoid valve (Semi-hermetic).
  • Receiver inlet ball valve (Semi-hermetic).
  • Over-sized receiver (Semi-hermetic).
  • Ball valve- liquid line (shipped loose).
  • Insulated suction lines (Semi-hermetic).
  • Flex hoses for all pressure controls (Semi-hermetic).
  • Defrost heater contactor c/w fuse block (Semi-hermetic).
  • Evaporator fan contactor c/w fuse block (Semi-hermetic).
  • Time delay relay for compressor (Semi-hermetic).

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