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BLC Lead Lag Control Panel
Specifications 60Hz
 • For use on two independent refrigeration systems (one
  system used for back-up) using pumpdown control mode.
  (Thermostat wired into liquid line solenoid valve).
Standard Features:
 • Panel can be mounted at the first condensing unit on
  indoor installations or be mounted remotely inside on a wall
  when used with outdoor condensing units.
• The panel is designed to operate each system automatically
  every 24 hours or can be manually set to run either system
• The remote control panel can be easily installed and wired by installing a contactor (provided loose) to each system. Each contactor interrupts the power to the defrost clock/ thermostat and liquid solenoid circuits which enables the condensing unit to pumpdown and shut down the system.
• The panel is suitable for Air defrost (with or without clock) or 
  Hot gas systems as well as Electric defrost evaporator systems.
• Refer to the Product Data & Installation brochure for further
 • 115/1/60, 208-230/1/60 and 200-220/1/50

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