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Air-Cooled Multi-Compressor Condensing Units

Designed for outdoor use.

  • ½ HP to 10 HP (max. 40HP total).
  • High, Medium, and Low Temperatures.
  • R407C, R502, R404a, R507, R22.
Standard Features:
  • Multiple compressor models on a common chassis.
  • Up to 4 fan section cabinet choices: (Hermetic, Scroll, or Semi-Hermetic), with 3 compressors/fan section max.
  • Small Cabinet: ½ to 6 HP: 6 HP/fan section & 24 HP/unit. (Based on 95°F design Ambient).
  • Medium Cabinet: ½ to 8 HP: 8HP/fan section & 40 HP/unit. (Based on 95°F design Ambient).
  • Suction & discharge vibration eliminators, and spring mounts (Semi-hermetic).
  • Enhanced tube and fin, and PSC fan motors.
  • Weather-resistant housing with hinged hood, weatherproof electrical panel and fixed head pressure flooding valve.
  • Main power fuse block, contactor, fixed high and low pressure control, oil pressure control (where applicable), and fused control circuit.
  • Compressor circuit breaker (per compressor).
  • Single Point Main electrical panel with non-fused disconnect.
  • Liquid line drier and sightglass.
  • Sealed Suction Filter.
  • Suction accumulator (Semi-hermetic).
  • Discharge line check valve.
  • Receiver Inlet ball valve.
  • Heated and insulated receiver.
  • Field piping connections at left or right side.
  • Flex hoses for pressure controls.
  • Voltage /Phase monitor.
  • Main disconnect fusing.
  • Compressor anti short cycle time delay relay.
  • Current sensing relay -for use with Oil control (where applicable).
  • Sentronic oil pressure control (where applicable).
  • OMB oil level Control (where applicable).
  • Air or Electric Defrost Kits.
  • Pumpdown toggle switch.
  • Liquid Line solenoid valve-with standard 230V coil (shipped loose).
  • Spare condenser circuit for remote ice machine.

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