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BCM- Line
Air-Cooled Condensers - Vertical/ Horizontal Air

Designed for Refrigeration or Air Conditioning Duty.

  • 9 to 48 Nominal Tons
  • 4 or 8 Fan Models
  • R404A, R507, R22, and R407C Refrigerants
Standard Features:
  • Internally Enhanced Tube.
  • THERMOSPAN™ coil design feature eliminates tube failure on tube sheets.
  • Enhanced Copper Tube, (3/8 O.D. on 1-6 Fan, 1/2 O.D. on 8-14 Fan).
  • Energy Efficient PSC and 3 Phase Fan Motors with Internal Overload Protection.
  • "Swept Wing" fan for quiet operation and optimal efficiency.
  • Rugged heavy-gauge galvanized steel rail motor mounts.
  • All fan sections individually baffled with full height partitions, and clean-out panels.
  • Complete selection of electrical fan cycling and speed control options.
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet construction assembled with zinc plated huck bolts supported on heavy-duty legs.
  • Double fan wide units have two equal circuits.
  • Control circuit voltage:230 V.
  • Unit shipped with Nitrogen Holding Charge.
  • Multiple refrigeration circuits.
  • Ambient or Pressure Fan Cycling Control with Contactor.
  • Johnson P66 Variable Speed Fan Control with single phase motor.
  • Individual fan motor fusing.
  • Individual ambient thermostat or pressure control.
  • Non-fused disconnect.
  • Horizontal air discharge configuration.
  • Variable Speed EC Motor which provides optimum efficiency and sound levels.
  • Adjustable flooded head pressure control.
  • Extended leg kits (48”) with cross bracing.
  • Receiver with or without Heater and Insulation.
  • Optional fin materials.
  • Optional coil coating.

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