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Bally Refrigeration Systems & Products

Bally provides a number of ozone-friendly refrigeration units
designed and configured for your specific Bally installation.

Refrigeration options include: 
Bally BLP Evaporator
Bally BTM Evaporator

Bally BEH Condensing Unit

Bally BQ Quiet Condensing Unit


  • Global voltages in 50 Hz and 60 Hz applications.
  • Hermetic, Semi-Hermetic, Scroll, and Multi-Compressor units.
  • Refrigerant shipped with condensing units.
  • Oil shipped with condensing units.
  • Pre-Assembled Remote Systems include an Evaporator and a Condensing Unit mounted away from the Walk-In.
  • Pre-Charged Systems: Evaporator & Pre-charged Condensing Unit.
  • Self-Contained Systems: Require only electrical & drain connections.
Bally Evaporators
Available for a variety of applications from low-velocity to large blast freezers. All evaporators are available with optional materials and coatings in addition to factory installed controls and valves such as room- and liquid-line thermostats.

Bally Condensing Units
High, High/Medium, Medium, and Low temperature ranges from ½ to 80HP. Selection of Indoor or Outdoor, Air-cooled, Water-cooled, and Coaxial units.

Bally Condensers
Bally's Horizontal/Vertical Air-Cooled Condensers are available for small to large size applications.

SmartVap™ II Electronically Controlled Evaporator
Available in all electric defrost single phase evaporators, up to 25 amp max over current protections.

PRO³™ Refrigeration System
Fully piped and wired and ready to drop into a ceiling panel's factory-cut opening. No refrigeration technicians are required to install the refrigeration unit.

SmartSpeed® Evaporator
Systems connected to SmartSpeed® technology will benefit with extra energy savings up to 10% on compressor consumption.

Thermosaver Hot Gas Defrost System
Available on all Remote Air-cooled and Water-cooled Bally Condensing Units and Evaporators for fast, positive defrosting.

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